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Here at IMLKS, we wish to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all employees. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every staff person.

We expect our staff to:

  • Foster cooperation and communication among each other
  • Treat each other in a fair manner; with dignity and respect
  • Promote harmony and teamwork in all relationships
  • Strive for mutual understanding of standards for performance expectations, and communicate as a team to reinforce that understanding
  • Encourage and consider opinions of other employees or members, and invite their participation in decisions that affect their work and their careers
  • Encourage growth and development of all employees by encouraging them to achieve their personal goals at IMLKS and beyond
  • Seek to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly to provide the means to resolve it
  • Recognizing that all jobs are different, but each is important and that each employee has the right to fair treatment
  • Recognize that employees in their personal lives may experience crisis and show compassion and understanding

IMLKS is committed to providing community based services and supports for adults who have a developmental disability. By working with individuals and their families, IMLKS strives to assist everyone to have full participation and to be recognized and accepted as valued members in their community. 

As members of our society we are dedicated to:

  • Seeing beyond the disability to the ability
  • Developing and managing services that are nurturing, caring, and encouraging of personal growth, choice and decision making
  • Recognizing and valuing the unique abilities that each person brings to the community and creating opportunities for each person to use those abilities
  • Informing, educating, involving, and motivating others to understand and support the rights of people with disabilities to live, work and belong in our community
  • Recognizing that individuals and their families are key
  • Fostering and facilitating innovative ideas

If you think you match our values here at IMLKS please click the link below to submit an application to become part of our team.

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IMLKS Membership Types


Regular Members

A person who meets the requirement to be a regular member is any person who has attained the age of majority as defined in the legislation of the Parliament of British Columbia and who is interested in the objects, projects and work of the Society. Such a person may apply to the Board of Directors for regular membership in the society, and on acceptance by the Board of Directors and upon payment of the membership fee of $5,  any such person shall become a Regular member of the society

Associate Members

The following qualification may apply to the Board of Directors for associate membership in the Society, and on acceptance by the directors and payment of annual fee of $5, shall become an associate member of the society:

  • A Relative in first degree of kinship to an employee.

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