Learn about the services IMLKS offfers

Who, What and Where?


It's My Life Kamloops Society (IMLKS) is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all people.

IMLKS provides community- based supports and services for adults living with a developmental disability. IMLKS works with the individuals and their families to assist those we support to be recognized and accepted as valued members in our community by enjoying full participation.

We offer a range of resources and supports designed specifically to address the needs of the person served and their families. IMLKS recognizes, values and respects the different roles a person's family and culture plays for each individual. We know that if families are well supported, then individual members within those families will also be supported. 

We use a personal planning process to identify what each individual needs. This is our guideline to how we will provide services. Read more about the specific services IMLKS offers below.

IMLKS serves adults who meet CLBC eligibility criteria to receive funding. To determine eligibility for you or a loved one please follow the link to CLBC's website.


How and Why?

IMLKS provides Supported Living and Community Inclusion Services as a way to:

  • Empower every individual to utilize their personal skills and capabilities to their full potential
  • Enhance the lives of the people we serve by honoring their choices
  • Focus on the growth and development of their dreams and vision for their life
  • Monitor goal setting and implementation
  • Collaborate with family and community members to create greater support networks
  • Promote valued roles in society, allowing individuals to have authentic valued roles in their life
  • Support individuals in making and maintaining relationships
  • Assist individuals to explore and contribute to their community in an inclusive way
  • Encourage purposeful and meaningful lifestyles by strengthening personalized support systems
  • Liaison with individuals and family to connect with the appropriate services and advocate when necessary


Understanding our Services

What is Supported Living?


It's My Life Kamloops Society (IMLKS) is committed to providing individualized 24 hour support for those who choose to live in their own home. Supported Living offers choice, flexibility and services that are focused on each individuals strengths and skills. We strive to enrich the lives of individuals by providing support through life skill development and safe, nurturing home environments.

Supported living assists you with all aspects of your life by allowing you to maintain your health and safety while focusing on the bigger picture you have for your future. Your support will be based on your needs and desires as well as your strengths and abilities and the vision you and your family have for your life. 

IMLKS will assist you to live your best life by supporting you with a healthy lifestyle, your personal care (if needed), keeping your home clean and inviting to your visitors, and helping you enjoy valued roles in your life. 

IMLKS will help you make friends, get to know your neighbors and live your life all while ensuring you get to all your medical appointments and are practicing good self care. 

At IMLKS we believe connections with family and friends keep you safe and prevent you from becoming lonely. Most people who are supported through IMLKS are supported with 24 hour, 7 days a week live in support. This does not mean you cannot see your family or friends without your staff with you, we want to help you be as independent as possible with you still being safe. 

When hiring staff to support you, you and your family are included in the interview process and you have the right to pick who is going to support you. Sometimes staff change and we may have to hire someone new for you, don't worry we have a great team of people who will put ads out to look for new staff. We only bring forward people that are qualified and have some of the same interests as you, for you and your family to meet.

What is Community Integration?


It's My Life Kamloops Society (IMLKS) defines Community Integration as including all people in the participation of the life of the community.  IMLKS does this by supporting people with their job and role development. 

At IMLKS we encourage the development of diverse, connected, and supportive communities. We do this by consistently helping the individuals we support to find ways to participate fully in their community and encourage a variety of roles in their lives.

Socially Valued Roles that people choose look different from person to person as these roles are tied into the different areas of a persons life and their relationships. 

Examples of some valued roles in society are: having a job that you are paid for doing, being a tenant, being a friend or family member, voting, volunteering in your community, and being a part of a club.  

IMLKS encourages role development by supporting people to have jobs they are paid for, to make and maintain friendships and family involvement, participate in the life of their community, as well as supporting exploration of hobbies and clubs that interest and encourage skill development. Supporting person served to have socially valued roles is a way to continue to break down barriers in our society. 

Community Integration services also include assisting individuals supported to find employment that matches their skills and interests. We want to empower individuals to find jobs in the community that will help them make meaningful contributions. We want our individuals to feel fulfilled with purpose and to become a contributing member of society. We will communicate with employers to help them ensure that both employer and employee are satisfied.